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Do you have a used vehicle that you just aren't using anymore? As long as you are the registered owner of that vehicle and have the paperwork to prove it, you can now get cash out of that vehicle instantly at any of our CarCash locations throughout the United States. With facilities in Southern California, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and North Carolina, we're helping thousands of Americans get the cash they need out of their used cars without the hassle of a dealership or selling through an online marketplace. If you have an old vehicle just sitting around collecting dust, use our appraisal tool to see what it's worth and then bring it to us to get the quick cash you need today.

Why Choose CarCash?

If you're within range of one of our locations, there is no faster way to get money out of your old vehicles than CarCash. You don't have to set up any online listings, meet with shady buyers or deal with flaky people that do nothing but waste your time. Instead, CarCash allows you to bring your vehicle to one of our locations, have it looked over by our expert technicians, and be made an offer on the spot to buy your vehicle from you. Should you accept you'll be paid instantly, and should you decline you walk away with your old vehicle and no strings attached. It truly is that simple to get paid through CarCash! Find your nearest location today!

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CarCash Houston Southwest Freeway

10050 Southwest Fwy
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  • Call: (704) 634-3940