At CarCash, we never use a "book value" to determine the worth of your vehicle. These values are frequently unreliable and often too low. Instead, we use actual retail and auction data to make sure you get the highest price possible for your vehicle. Our quotes are delivered instantly online, by phone or in-person. Once we verify the condition of your vehicle in person, you'll leave with a certified corporate check in hand. The best part? We'll beat any dealer's written offer!

Get a Quote. Then, Get a Check. 
Sell your vehicle by following these four easy steps.

Step 1

Click here to get a quote. Answer a few simple questions to receive the actual selling price of your vehicle. It’s not an estimate — it’s an exact number.

Step 2

Stop by any CarCash location to complete your appraisal. There’s no appointment necessary. Find a location. Find a location.

Step 3

A member of our team will verify the condition of your vehicle and give you an instant cash offer. This process takes about 10 minutes (or less!)

Step 4

Get paid! With QuickPay, we will digitally transfer funds straight to your bank account.

The CarCash Process: How to Sell Us Your Car

When it's time to get that used car out of your driveway and make a little cash in the process, it's time to call CarCash. Our facilities, located in North Carolina, Colorado, Texas, Florida, and California, make it easy for drivers to sell their cars without having to worry about managing listings, flaky buyers, and in-person interactions with people you don't know. Instead, bring your used car or SUV to CarCash and we'll pay you on the spot. So how do you get started? Read below to explore the CarCash process and get started on selling your car the easy way.

Get a Quote

The first thing you'll want to do is get a quote for the vehicle you're trading in. While other trade apprasials use book data, which often generates lower offers, our system uses localized auction and market data to give you a more fair price for the vehicle you're selling. And as long as your answers to the questions about damage, mileage, and accidents is accurate, we can guarantee that quote to be your payout.

Visit a CarCash Location

Once you have your online quote, it's time to visit a CarCash location for a final, in-person appraisal. You don't even need to make an appointment, simply drop in and a member of our team will be ready to help.

Verification and a Cash Offer

Once we verify your online quote and appraisal information is accurate to the condition of the vehicle, we'll be ready to make you an instant cash offer, often in 10 minutes or less.

Getting Paid

Opt for our QuickPay option and we will digitally transfer the funds directly to your bank account for instant access. It's that simple!

Visit CarCash Today!

As you can see, the CarCash process is simple, fair, and painless, and it is truly the best way to sell your car quickly and easily. Pay one of our locations a visit to sell your car today!