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Getting the money you deserve out of that car that's been kicking around your driveway is always a great idea, but finding the right way to go about it isn't always easy. Trading it in or selling to a dealership may be convenient, but you'll give up a significant amount of money for the ease of the transaction. You'll certainly be able to get more out of your vehicle as a private sale, but putting up with the pitfalls of online selling - scam artists, lowball offers, no-show appointments, and people who are more interested in the test drive than an actual purchase - may make that process a nightmare. However, CarCash has introduced a better way to sell your car; one that combines the convenience of a dealership with the value of a private sale.

At CarCash, we actually want to buy your car from you. We're interested in giving you a fair price for your vehicle because we want you to say yes to our deal rather than go somewhere else. In fact, we factor in local market retail and auction data for your vehicle to come up with a price that is in line with what you could expect to get elsewhere. This detailed look ensures that we can stand behind our offers, and we'll even give you 14 days to decide whether or not you want to accept.

The Simple CarCash Process

  • Get an online quote in minutes
  • Visit our Atlanta location at your convenience
  • Get an in-person final appraisal and quote
  • Get paid

Our payouts come in the form of either a certified check or QuickPay direct deposit, so you'll have the liquid cash you need from your old vehicle quickly.

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