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As you consider what to do with the older car in your driveway, you might think about taking it to a dealership or attempting an online private sale to help get it out of your hair. But CarCash in Cortland has a different solution. Rather than dealing with the hassles of flaky online buyers and the lowball offers of most dealerships, let CarCash make your car selling experience both valuable and stress-free!

How to Sell Your Car to CarCash

Your car selling process with CarCash starts out with an online appraisal form that we'll use to determine the initial quote for your vehicle. Be as accurate as possible with every detail including mileage, color, condition, and accident history so we can provide you with an accurate quote to begin working with. We'll reach out to verify the details and give you a quote that will be good for up to 14 days. That two week window is a sign of confidence that you won't find a better price, and gives you time to test the waters if you so choose.

At any point in those 14 days, visit our Cortland CarCash location and a member of our team will perform an in-person inspection to verify the information given during the quoting process. Should anything arise that changes your intial quote, we'll let you know immediately, and you'll then have a further 14 days to make your final decision. If you decide to accept our offer, simply sign the title and bill of sale and we'll get a direct deposit or check sent off to you within the same day. Direct deposits pay you instantly, while a check will be mailed to the address on your driver's license and should arrive within seven days.