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Whether you've been holding on to that car for quite some time or have decided you want something fresh, the time has come for you to cross selling your car off your to-do list. With the assistance of CarCash, located in the greater Dallas area along Interstate 20, you can start anew by selling your car with our simple process and getting a value you deserve.

It's important to us to provide you with the best quote possible for your car, truck or SUV. As such, we eschew "book value," instead utilizing a collective of retail and auction data to determine the highest possible value for your cherished vehicle. CarCash goes even further by beating any written offer you may have, and even throwing in a complimentary Uber ride so you can get home with ease.

Selling Your Car to Us: The Straightforward Process

Selling your car, truck or SUV to CarCash in Dallas takes place in four quick and easy steps:

  1. Get a Quote: In just minutes, we'll provide you with the highest possible price for your vehicle.
  2. Drive Your Car to Us: Finalize the appraisal at our Dallas location. No appointment necessary!
  3. Meet the Team: The process usually takes 30 minutes or less, leaving you time to meet our expert team.
  4. Choose How You Want to Get Paid: At CarCash in Dallas, you have the option to be paid one of two ways. Either use QuickPay to fund your account immediately or have us cut a physical check right in front of you.

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