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When you finally decide that it's time to sell your current car, the last thing you want is to deal with uncertainty. However, if you choose to sell it yourself through the various marketplaces available, that's exactly what you're asking for. Uncertainty about whether anyone's going to call. Uncertainty about how legitimate their interest is. Uncertainty about getting paid what your vehicle is truly worth. Well, eliminate all that by bringing your car to our CarCash location inside Fort Mill Ford on Gold Hill Road.

You see, we want to buy your car, pickup, SUV, or van. With that as our starting point, we're not going to rely upon what some book tells us your vehicle is worth. Instead, we comb through automotive selling data, both from auctions and from retail sales, to come up with the absolute highest value we can assign your vehicle. On top of that, we're determined to top any written offer you may have received. We're even willing to pay for your Uber home, if that's what's needed to close the deal!

Selling Your Car to CarCash is Easy and Straightforward

All it takes is four simple steps for us to buy your car:

  1. Get Your Quote: Receive our best possible offer, and in a matter of minutes.
  2. Visit Our Fort Mill Location: Finish up and finalize our appraisal when you visit our Gold Hill Road location, even if you don't schedule an appointment.
  3. Meet Our Team: The entire process takes approximately a half-hour, so you have time to chat with our experts.
  4. Tell Us How You Want Your Money: You can either receive your money through QuickPay, which transfers the money into your account right away, or you can have us write you a check to take home. Your money, your call.

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