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If you've been considering selling a car in the Laurel, MD area, let CarCash make the process as easy as possible. We offer a simple way to sell your car and get the money you deserve quickly, so you can enjoy the cash and the extra space in your driveway. Don't hesitate, let CarCash pay you for your unused car, truck, or SUV today!

How CarCash Works

CarCash in Laurel offers a simple, straightforward process for getting money from the cars you are no longer using. Start with our online form to give us some basic information about your vehicle and its condition. From there, a phone consultation will delve into the details so we can give you an accurate quote. This quote is good for up to 14 days, such is our confidence that we'll offer you the best possible deal for the vehicle you're selling. Anytime within that 14 day window, visit CarCash in Laurel to complete the sale and have a direct deposit sent to you within one business day. It's a simple, three-step process that gets you paid for the unused vehicles in your driveway.

Why Choose CarCash?

Not only does CarCash pay you top dollar for your unused vehicles, but we make the process incredibly simple as well. No dealing with online marketplaces and their flaky buyers, no meeting with strangers to complete high-dollar transactions, and no relisting to keep your vehicle at the front of the line. Simply follow a few easy steps and get paid for your old car today!