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Once you've decided it's time to sell your current car and move on, you also need to figure out how to best go about that. Once, that would mean placing an ad in the local paper and waiting for the phone to ring. Today's version of that is a free internet listing, but you're still waiting for someone to show interest. Even worse, you also have to hope that they're willing to make a true faith offer - and can pay you for your car right away. CarCash offers a better way.

First, we want to buy your vehicle. That means we're going to treat you fairly and respectfully. Our proprietary software goes far beyond the printed buying guides, since it incorporates local market retail and auction sales into its calculations in order to determine your vehicle's true worth. This allows us to confidently say that we'll beat any written offer another dealer may have given you. We also stand by our offer for 14 days, giving you time to put us to the test.

We Make it Easy to Sell Your Car for More Money

Our streamlined process only takes four steps, and is designed to be as efficient as possible:

  1. Get A Quote: Tell us about your car and we'll contact you in a matter of minutes with your car's market value.
  2. Visit Our Long Beach Location: Naturally, we'll want to inspect your vehicle in person so that we can finalize our offer.
  3. Meet With Our Team: As we appraise your car, you can spend some time learning about our process in greater detail. Our appraisal typically only takes about a half-hour, so you have plenty of time left in your day.
  4. Get Paid: We can transfer your money electronically through QuickPay, or cut you a certified check.

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