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Selling a Car in Plano? Visit CarCash and Get Paid Today!

Are you trying to sell a car, truck, or SUV in the Plano area, and tired of getting the runaround by flaky internet buyers? Between lowball offers, buyers that make arrangements and then never show up, and having to deal with all of the paperwork involved, selling your car on your own can be a hassle that is both stressful and frustrating.

Avoid all of that stress by simply visiting CarCash in Plano, TX. Our straightforward process will get you paid for your vehicle in less than a day, and we can offer you a fair price that you can always feel good about. Since we use current market data instead of antiquated book values, you'll get a relevant and fair offer for your vehicle so you can move on with your life with some extra money in your pocket.

The CarCash Process

In just four simple steps you can get the money you deserve for your vehicle without the hassles, and better yet, you can get paid instantly with a quick visit to our location.

  • Step 1: Get Started Online - Use our online appraisal form and tell us all about your vehicle. The make, model, trim level, color, and condition are all important to getting you an accurate quote, so be as thorough as possible. A member of our team will then reach out to discuss your initial online appraisal, which will then be good for 14 days.
  • Step 2: Visit Our CarCash Location - Any time during those 14 days, visit our location with the vehicle you're selling and we'll complete an in-person inspection to verify our final offer to you. The process takes less than 30 minutes and no appointment is necessary, so drop in anytime!
  • Step 3: Accept or Decline our Offer - You can now choose to accept or decline our final offer, keeping in mind that you will have up to 14 days from your initial online quote to change your mind should you decline. Of course, we'll let you know if there are any changes between your online quote and your in-person inspection so you'll always know how and why any changes were made.
  • Step 4: Get Paid! - Should you choose to accept our offer, instant payment will be available via QuickPay direct deposit, or we can mail you a certified check that will arrive within 10 days.

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