Sell Your Car in Atlanta

If you need a little extra cash and have a car that you're willing to part ways with, CarCash in Atlanta Georgia is here to help you get the cash you need for whatever life is throwing at you. The process of selling your car to CarCash is easy enough, but you'll want to make sure you have certain things in order before you pay us a visit so that everything goes smoothly.

The following documents will be needed for you to sell your car in Georgia legally:

  • A physical title, certificate or origin, or bill of sale
  • Photo ID

That's it! It's incredibly easy to sell your car in Georgia if you have the right paperwork.

What if You Don't Have Your Title?

Should you lose your title, you cannot sell your car to CarCash or any other entity without first replacing it. Georgia does not allow the sale of any vehicle from 1985 or newer without a title, so you will want to obtain a new one through the Georgia DMV with a Georgia title application.

You'll have to start by filling out the MV-1 Motor Vehicle Tag application before you visit the DMV office. An $8 replacement fee will be required, and you will be required to fill out a T-4 form if there is still a lien or other security interested tied to the vehicle.

How CarCash Gets You Money for Your Car

Once you have all of your paperwork in order, getting money for your vehicles at CarCash is a breeze!

To start, use our online appraisal form to get an initial quote on the vehicle you wish to sell. The needed information includes the VIN and mileage to give us a clear idea of what trim level, color, and condition of your vehicle is. From there, our system uses local information from both retail sales and auctions to generate a fair market price based on similar vehicles in the area.

Next, visit our Atlanta CarCash location and meet with a member of our team. We'll do a final inspection of your vehicle both inside and out to verify the online quote, and any changes that need to be made will be discussed with you prior to the final quote. Sometimes you can end up with more than you thought because you were too harsh on the condition of your vehicle, and other times a hidden issue could shave a few dollars off of your quote. Either way, we'll make sure you know and understand where the changes came from so you can assess what you would like to do.

Once you have your final quote and have agreed to it, we'll cut you a certified check or issue a direct deposit via QuickPay to help get you the money for your vehicle quickly and easily.

Why Choose CarCash to Sell Your Car?

If you've decided to sell your vehicle, you'll have several options available to you that can help you turn that car into cash. You could choose a dealership for the convenience, but you'll be selling yourself far short of what the vehicle is actually worth. Alternatively, opting to sell your vehicle privately can help you get more money out of it, but you'll have to deal with all of the downsides of online selling. Between low ball offers and scam artists, you'll waste time dealing with people that have no interest in actually buying your vehicle, leaving you stuck waiting days or weeks to get the vehicle of your hands.

CarCash is here to do things differently. We're interested in buying your car, so we're incentivized to give you a fair price that you'll feel good saying yes to. Beyond that, we offer a quick and convenient selling process that will have you in and out with a certified check or direct deposit in just a short visit. That fair selling price combined with the same-day convenience make CarCash the ideal place to sell your car in Atlanta.

Sell Your Car in Atlanta

For Any Other Questions About Selling Your Car in Atlanta, Contact Us Today!

If you had any further questions about selling your car to CarCash, contact us at 1-800-227-2274 today! We'll answer any questions you have and can even help start the quoting process to give you a head start on selling your vehicle.