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Not Sure What Your Vehicle Might Be Worth? Use Our Trade-In Appraisal Before Your Visit

So you've got a car sitting in your driveway that isn't getting used as much as it used to. Or you just bought something new but didn't want to accept the dealership trade-in value. Now, you can sell your car for cash quickly and easily, and without the hassle of dealing with an online marketplace. Simply submit your vehicle to CarCash and we'll give you an instant payout so you can immediately put some money back into your pocket. Better yet, if you're not sure exactly what your vehicle is worth, our trade-in tool can help give you an estimated value so you know just what to expect when you pay us a visit.

This trade-in tool takes into account damage as well as mileage, features, optional extras, and local market data to find out the fairest price to pay for your old vehicle. You can then bring that appraisal quote along with the vehicle you're selling to your nearest CarCash location and we'll ensure that your entires match with what can be found by our technicians. Once our team has given your vehicle the once-over, we'll come back to you and honor the appraisal offer or let you know what we found that would cause a change. From there all you have to do is accept our offer and you'll have the extra spending money you need instantly.